We all have in us the natural capacity to permanently regulate our emotional traumas by using our sensory memory.

This natural ability requires no special predisposition. It is independent of our cultures or languages: It is universal.
We can use this capacity for emotional regulation to heal any disruptive emotional patterns: our fears, our anxieties, our phobias, anxieties, our stress, our annoyances, our aggressivity, our inhibitions, our long lasting traumas…

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Tipi was created to teach healthcare professionals, coaches, therapists, how to use this natural ability with their clients.

However, “in situation” (at the moment when our emotion is present in us), Tipi can be used by anyone, without needing anybody’s help.

For several years now, we have been proposing free educational workshops on this topic, and the results obtained by the participants are just spectacular.

Thousands of people have benefited from these trainings … Today we want to go further!

Tipi Humanity is an association that brings together volunteers who wish to communicate about this natural process for self emotional regulation.

Tipi en situation : le film de formation (16′)
Ce film de formation a pu être réalisé par l’association Tipi Humanity grâce à la générosité de 164 donateurs.

Conférence de Luc Nicon
(bilan sur les connaissances scientifiques autour de Tipi)
organisée par Tipi Humanity à Paris, le 29 septembre 2015.

Contenu de la conférence :
– le parcours de Luc Nicon vers Tipi
– les découvertes de Luc Nicon sur le fonctionnement émotionnel
– les origines de nos dysfonctionnements émotionnels
– les hypothèses scientifiques sur le fonctionnement de Tipi
– une ressource naturelle de l’humanité